White rose, white ranuncula & sprigs of spiral eucalyptus - a mother's day floral design!

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Looking for a quick and easy floral design to gift your mum this Mothering Sunday, or perhaps a simple arrangement to give a special friend or maybe something to grace your home? I have been saying for years that the greatest gift has to be those provided by the botanical world. Who doesn’t love to walk into a room and see a bowl of flowers?

In the language of flowers, the white rose was once associated with the pure love of a mother and the white ranuncula, honouring eternal love. To the first peoples of Australia, they say that the grey eucalyptus bridges times of the past with those of the future.

The vase I selected started life as a white earthenware garden pot, which I paint finished and further embellished with a very simple image of a face. It’s a really easy process. All I did was to gently sponge or stipple the exterior with a light, almost concrete grey water based acrylic paint. Once dry, use a liquid chalk marker, to hand drew the image of a face or perhaps words to convey your feelings. The image doesn’t need to be perfect. I just wanted to add a bit of visual interest to the vase and also because the flowers are all white, find this an easy way of connecting both flower/foliage & vase together.

You will need to gather:
- A container of your choice. The one used in this video is 9.5” tall x 6’ wide.
- 3 x grey spiral eucalyptus
- 3 x white rose spray
- 2 or 4 stems of white ranuncula

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