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I think if I had to have a favourite design then this is it for my table come this Christmas. Apples, rose hips, berries, eucalyptus, with a few camellias, peony, roses, the odd cone here and there finished off with a few berries… lovely combination to line and grace a table laden with food, surrounded by good cheer.
This is one of my no-fuss put together designs. If you don’t have a suitable container then that’s not an issue because everything is going to be bound to a hunk of wood or a long narrow tree branch as the foundation base.

Things to gather:
- Hunk of wood or tree branch 2” or so wide and as long as desired.
- Tape or jute/string to bind everything together
- 2 red rose hip:
- 2 apple branches
- 2 eucalyptus gum:
- 3 olive:
- 2 red camellia spray:
- 2 budded red camellia:
- 2 yellow rose:
- 3 pink and cream peony:
- 2 black raspberry:
- Pine cones

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