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This year is the year of the Rooster and to bring good fortunes, health and a year of continuing growth and prosperity to my life, family and business, I’ve created this design.

You will need:
- A container of choice with filled either green or grey foam.
- Artificial or real moss to cover foam.
- Either fresh or artificial branches free of leaves – at least 1 & ½ times the height or width of the container - whichever is the greater.
- Several branches of fresh or artificial forsythia stems.
- Rooster – I found a lovely tin one at the Garden shop.
- Gold foil covered chocolate money + gold jeweller pins to fix money to tree branches.
- Fresh or artificial succulents - I used 4

Fill container with foam then cover with moss to hide foam.
Position Roaster down on top of moss.
Insert branches in a natural formation around Rooster to give additional support.
Cut Forsythia stems to half the length of the branches and insert amongst branches to give the illusion of natural growth.
Position succulents amongst moss.
Hang gold covered foil chocolates from branches.

In the language of flowers, Forsythia represents great anticipation. When you look at the plant at the beginning of the season it is just brown branches, followed by beautiful golden yellow flowers, and finally lush green abundant balancing leaves.

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