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Doesn’t that all sound delicious…! Several months ago, I demonstrated how to create your own ‘forever lasting’ lemons on branches: https://youtu.be/WY_LnXXtGpQ I love them fresh, but as we all know, that are not keepers, especially the leaves that wither and drop without a care.

The original design displayed just the lemon and berries – in this case rosehip. Then I took the design to another level by adding yellow and oranges roses. Since this design was created, I’ve had many requests asking what else could be used along side them.

This got me thinking and here are some design tips that will take this design from just lemons and hips to another floral level!

Things to gather:
- And this is for my friends in Australia & South Africa – yellow banksia cones.
- Several stems of dogwood.
- Several stems of orange dahlias.

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