'Falling Gently into Fall' | A Halloween-inspired floral design!

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Hello! It’s that time of the year when we love to dress up, decorate the house and prepare to celebrate Halloween. Such fun, but this year I want to share how to create a floral design for the fall, that in a flash can be transformed to theme with Halloween. The best part, once the celebrations are over, it can revert back to a gorgeous fall inspired design.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 The Silver Container
02:24 Making the floral design
12:29 How to make my Halloween Candles

Things to gather:
- I decided to use a silver urn because I thought that it would connect beautifully with the other materials being used.
- Eucalyptus & dusty miller – both forms coming from the silver-grey palette.
- Burgundy hanging amaranthus with branched dry look & feel raspberries.
- White dried feel & look daisies with cotton flower branches. The white daisies and cotton are enhanced by the silver of the container.
- Twiggy branches and dried lotus pods

On its own it’s a gorgeous fall inspired design and as promised let me share how to turn it into something that sings – Halloween.

You will need -a silver tray or round stone finished disc or platter.
I also found a grey black inspired skeleton candelabra, + white LED battery powdered flicker tea lights To form the black holders (create mainly to bring the tea lights up higher on the platter), recycle those empty cardboard kitchen towel inners or toilet paper rolls.

Make sure the flicker lights fit other wise you’ll need a bit of moss to pack them up!

To make the candle holders:
- Glue around the top of the cardboard, allowing glue to drip down the sides.
- Set aside to let dry, then mist with a good coat of black spray paint.
- As indicated above, if the tea lights are a bit big, just pack out with a moss. I used hanging Spanish moss because this connect back into the silver greys.

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