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Here in New Zealand as Easter approaches so too does the Autumn. Easter to me represents new beginnings, spring flowers, the rebirth along with hope and promise. I thought this year with everything that is happening in the world, I would create a design that might present promise and better days ahead.

Things to gather:
- An elongated container in a size to suit. I found tucked away, a lovely tin that rests on a wire support frame. The looped wire edging around the top made me think of a fence & because it’s a ‘still-life’ garden illusion I’m after, seemed perfect as a base.
- You will need foam to fill container.
- Moss balls/stones.
- I managed to find a moss-covered rabbit.
- Smaller container to hold eggs or a bird’s nest would work – if using a real nest, make sure to line the nest – birds can carry diseases.
- Chocolate covered eggs & chocolate or real bark – just gives a bit more textural & visual interest.
- Either fresh or ‘forever’ artificial flowers: Ivy trails, camellias, lilac, daffodils, early cheer, snowballs, matchsticks, lavender, hyacinths, forget-me-nots, magnolias, forsythia etc.

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