How to make a Hanging Tropical Foliage and Orchid Garland

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If the previous floral garland isn’t quite right for your decor or event, then you might like this alternative. Mainly foliage with a few berries, twist willow, fairy lights and baubles filled with preserved hydrangea or woodland blended potpourri.vI am so pleased I came up with this combination!

I was looking for something I could use for Christmas decorating along with other events throughout the year. Once the base is in, you can change up the design by simply adding alternative foliage or focal blooms. This is what I call CLEVER DESIGNING - total impact with little effort!

Things to gather –
- Piece of wooden doweling or wooden rod or stick.
- Screw in hooks and eyes to suspend completed garland.
- Rope, chain or fishing line to hand garland.
- Staple gun or cable ties to fix materials into place.
- Foliage to suit. I used grape ivy, foliage garlands and large leaves along with berries, cymbidium orchid, twinkle fairy lights, plastic or glass baubles filled with foliage or woodland styled potpourri.

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