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For those who asked for a less intense fall colour-way, here it is! Soft creamy dried-off end of season hydrangeas, dull rustic tonal textured banksia blooms, magnolia leaves, autumnal vines, late season pears/grapes, and past their best, fading apricot roses, all bound within the confines of a tarnished copper pot. Sounds good enough to eat, or perhaps I should say, visual harvest floral feast!

Things to gather:
- Round rustic tarnished copper pot
- Foam or chicken wire to fill cavity of copper pot
- 3 or 4 stems of magnolia
- Autumnal leafy vine
- Several banksia blooms
- Pears, grapes
- 2 or 3 large heads of dried off creamy hydrangea
- ½ dozen rustic peachy apricot roses

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