A Blue and White Floral Design in a Ming-inspired Vase | Hydrangea, Snowballs, Magnolia and Berries

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Often, I am asked what flowers & colours work well in Chinese-styled blue and white Ming inspired vases. The simple answer is stick with the blue and white and you’ll never get lost… TBH, there is something ageless and timeless about this combination, which never fails to look good in any room/décor! When it comes to styling your blooms, I think a lot depends on the type.

Tulips will gracefully cascade out and down, freesias will sit tall and stately, rose will open and fill the spaces, hydrangeas will simply reign and magnolia, I cut branches drop them in and let them find their place.

In today’s design, I want to display a combination of blue berries with blue and white hydrangea, white magnolia and to bring in a touch of harmonising green, spring snowballs.

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