'Simply Greens' into a decoupaged botanical-inspired glass vase

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Sometimes all you need to finish a room is a vase of just green foliage. Mixed greens give a sense of calming soothing balance and harmony and by combining different shades, tones and tints of green with variants of textures, creates a delightful composition. I’m placing mine into a decoupaged botanical inspired vase which further enhances, creating the illusion of more. See my video on how to decoupage glass here: https://youtu.be/avouAN1UDR8

For reasons beyond me, I do not like seeing stems of permanent botanicals in a clear vase. My way of resolving this issue is to decoupage the exterior. Decoupage is a super easy technique that doesn’t take long to do and the end results can be gorgeous.

Things to gather:
- 3 Magnolia Foliage stems: https://bit.ly/MagnoliaFoliage
- 3 French Eucalyptus gum: https://bit.ly/EucalyptusGum
- 3 Eucalyptus with gum nuts: http://bit.ly/AustralianGumNutEucalyptus
- 3 Olive leaf spray : https://bit.ly/OliveLeafSpray

Happy designing!

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