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Within the 4 seasons of the years the botanical world offers so much and at times the array can be overwhelming or sometimes as the saying goes… less can be more. Not that I’m very good at that, but a simple display of just two things together can create visual harmony to a room. In today’s design I want to share that less can be more and this simple design says it all!

All you will need to gather are –
- A container of your choice. I’m using a vase that started life glass. It was ok, but I wanted something that when not in use, was a statement in itself, so it got decoupaged with a Japanese inspired printed napkin.
- A branch or two of artificial pears. I’m using the artificial because often this container sits on entrance table to our home and even if I’m too busy for flowers, the container with just pears always looks like good together as that sound alone statement.
- I also change out the berries to suit – either fresh or artificial. I’m using both blue and green in this design.
- Fresh branches of clustered pears.

Once the base pears and berries are in place, in a rush all I have to do is fill the container with fresh water, plonk in the clusters of pears to hand down the sides and to take the design to another level, place the fresh chrysanthemums.

Super simple, but really effective what of making a statement – when life gets busy and you need to look like you’ve made an effort!

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