Winter Wonderland Flowers: Soft muted shades of moonlight on a snowy landscape

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Oops, I might have got a bit carried away with the title there, but I wanted to share how easy it is to create something that is late fall, wintery, perhaps even Christmassy, yet has a strength and boldness, and still holds characteristic that say, ‘mystical and whimsical… Let me show you how easy it is the capture such moments!

You will need to gather:
- I used a rustic French washed urn
- Foam to fill cavity of urn
- Several stems of pampas grass or plumes of ‘princes of wales feather’ or as we call it here in NZ toitoi, or if you can’t find any, just use white/cream feathers…
- Gum nuts
- Dusty Miller either fresh or artificial
- Fresh or artificial gum (see below)
- 2 pink feathers – check out Michaels

From I used,
- 3 pink snowberries:
- 3 white snowberries:
- 1 large white king protea:
- 1 large pink king protea:
- 1 small pink mink protea:
- Optional 1 stem of eucalyptus gum:

Happy arranging!

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