How to make artificial water in a glass vase to display silk flowers

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I knew if I hunted long enough, I would find a product that gave the illusion of water in a vase to create that ‘real look’ when designing with silk or artificial flowers/foliage.

You can buy Quick Water or Crystal Water but it isn’t always available. I found a 2-part mix called deep pour resin and it works a treat.

Things to gather:
- Artmore – part A & part B epoxy resin – deep pour – liquid glass
- Glass mixing jug
- Stick for stirring solution once mixed
- Warm water
- Isopropyl alcohol for clean up
- Old rugs for clean up
- Newspaper to keep working surface clean.
- Artificial flowers/foliage
- Glass vase to suit
- Hot glue gun

1. If you need to cut stems of artificial’s, place a spot of hot glue on the stem ends to seal. This will stop rust leaching into the resin.
2. Warm the mixing jug and glass vase before starting. This stopped any bubbles in the resin.

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