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Happy Easter & happy spring! It’s just a wonderful time of the year. The colours offered up by the botanical world are crisp, clean and vibrant and as for the heavenly fragrance, well it’s always a pleasure to say goodbye to the lingering dampness of winter.

This design is one of my favourites. At bulb planting time, I prepare my box and just leave it until nature takes hold and the blooms start to grace us with their presence. With the base in, it’s just a matter of gathering materials and creating the theme desired for your Easter display.

If you missed the planting season, don’t panic, because this design looks amazing with either fresh or artificial materials. Only thing missing with the artificial is the fragrance, but as I’ve shared over the years, misting the blooms with a crisp spring floral fragrance, never fails to hit the spot.

Things to gather:
- Any box will work, but I like something a little more rustic.
- Foam or soil to fill cavity of container.
- Gatherings of spring blooms – daffodils, tulips, freesia’s, forget me nots, violets, cherry or fruit blossom & forsythia to name but a few.
- I also found a few sprigs of summer Tweedia which will be perfect to connect in with...
- Faux cotton branches. I found these at Amazon, but check out the Dollar
Tree & Michaels or make your own. When I saw them the pale pink, lemon and blue reminded me of spring colourings.
- You might also like to incorporate a bird’s nest or ceramic eggs, easter eggs and maybe little bunnies to further enhance your completed design.

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