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I think that of all the flowers, the classic nature of camellia sits right at the top of my list. I adore them when they first appear in the early spring and as much as I know they will not last, to enjoy indoors floating in a crystal bowl is a marvellous sight. However, I only get a day and it’s such a shame. The ‘forever’ camellias make my dreams come true.

If all who have asked for a simple rustic informal way of displaying them, I think that the current farmhouse trend is great. It's just a matter of finding the right container. When I think farmhouse or barn, I am immediately reminded of times spent as a child on my Nan’s dairy farm. Big cans for milk and darling little ones for the cream. Those days have long gone and have been replaced with the milk tankers. Times move on, trends come and go and how lucky are we that clever people have embraced our love for the old styled cans and these can be purchased in all shapes, colours and sizes.

In the language of flowers, the camellia represents perfect loveliness & the pink camellia, a longing for some, or someone who is missed. Chanel loved these flowers and she is not alone.

As indicated, I wanted to share how quickly and easily these beautiful blooms of the Spring can be designed to give more of a rustic informal look.

You will need a white washed milk/cream tin can. Mine started life galvanised. All I did was give them a lick of white wash paint, and further enhanced with a splash of dirt brown paint on the handles, rim and side ridges. The size of my tin is 16” tall x 8” at the base and 7” opening. Although narrow, this make display and hold the flowers in place a breeze.

I used 1 white camellia ‘forever’ bush along with 3 stems of double pink camellias.

Happy crafting & designing!

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