Blushing Pink Bridal Bouquet of Dahlia, Roses & Peony

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I have had a request from Chloe wanting my help with a handheld bouquet incorporating blush pink Dahlia, Roses & Peonies. She adores Dahlia but thinks they might not be around for her September wedding and if not, is it acceptable to incorporate artificial blooms. Chloe, my answer is YES you can!

Here is a list of what I used:
- 2 Eucalyptus leaf:
- 1 White Snowberry:
- 2 Pink Cupped Rose:
- 2 Ecuadorian Short Stem White Rose:
- 1 White and Pink Dahlia:
- 1 Pink Nymphs Dahlia:
- 2 Pink Pompom Dahlia:
- 1 Milky Pink Peony:

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