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See - in which we went behind the garden gate to an inner-city suburban garden or urban floral garden.

I actually had a few yellow callas growing in my summer garden and I wasn’t sure what to do with them until I was behind the garden gate at Marisa Vodanovich’s Urban Floral Farmlet. As soon as I saw the shasta daisies, I just knew they would be the perfect accompaniment.

You don’t need much when working with bright statement flowers like the calla, but what can enhance your design when using primary colours is to diffuse that strong yellow or any primary is with smaller portions. The shastawith it’s yellow stamin centre diffuses that bright intense colour beautifully and as for the leave, they are just perfect at balancing harmonizers for the eyes to rest one.

Picking tips for longevity of freshly picked garden flowers:
- Pick the blooms first thing in the morning before the heat of the sun hits them or late in the afternoon when the hit of the sun has reduced.
- Slant cut all stems.
- Remove all foliage that will be below the water level. This caused bacteria which reduces the life of the flowers.
- Allow all flowers to have a good long deep drink otherwise you will have what I experienced as I was trying to create the designs in the series. They get the wilt on an it took over night in the cool for the to regain strength and sit nicely.
- Also, I think that with garden flowers, they look their best when placed as if just picked and the garden came inside.

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