'Skulled Halloween' or a Seasonal Holiday Table Centerpiece | Floristry Design Tutorial

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It sounds like such a spooky title, but that’s exactly what this design is all about! A classic black squat urn rimmed and trimmed with seasonal gathering airing on the darker side of life.

The design is super easy to put together but can easily revert to a design to carry you through to the holidays with a few additions to suit the occasion. With the skull being positioned into the middle of the arrangement, honestly designing just gets better for those like me, who get a bit push for time.

Things to gather:
- I used a classic squat urn which I paint finished jet black.
- You might need foam for the middle or chicken mess shoved into the cavity of the urn to help keep materials in place.
- Several stems of lamb’s-ear or dusty miller foliage, sprigs of bay, grey rose succulents & exact numbers of each foliage will depend on size of your container.

- For Halloween – a concrete coloured skull
- For the holidays – perhaps a potted miniature potted burnt red chrysanthemum, or flowering plant of your choice!

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