High Summer Romance Floristry Design: pinks, whites and greens

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Soft feminine and full of summer’s romantic vibes is how I would best describe this design incorporating soft pink floribunda roses, full blown vintage rose, creamy blush peony, white lilies and big blousy lime green lush hydrangea together with fresh gum and bay.
What I love about this casually elegant round design is once made you can add fresh lilies or if you had them in your garden, lovely full-blown roses.

Things to gather -
- I used a lovely creamy toned vintage styled ceramic urn but whatever you have would work well. Just remember that the tonal qualities of the flowers are soft and light, so keeping the container neutral will ensure you achieve that look.
- 3 Milky Pink Tinged Peony: http://bit.ly/MilkyPinkTingedPeony
- 3 Short Stem Pink Duchess Rose: http://bit.ly/PinkDuchessRose
- 3 Floribunda Pink Rose: https://bit.ly/FloribundaPinkRose
- 2 Single Headed Green Hydrangea: https://bit.ly/SingleHeadGreenHydrangea
- Foam to fill your container,
- Foliage – fresh bay and blue gum
+ perhaps fresh lilies, garden roses, dahlia, blush chrysanthemum.

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