Mid-summer Flowers: Berries with Hydrangeas and Zinnias!

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See https://youtu.be/jfY0FTKc0gk - in which we went behind the garden gate to an inner-city suburban garden or urban floral garden.
It’s a highlight wondering through a mid-summer garden and it’s something I look forward every year. When it comes to designing, I like to keep everything relaxed and informal and to appear as if the garden just came inside and landed in a container.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip the Marisa Vodanovich’s Urban floral Farmlet. The work and the time she has invested is not only a labour of love but a place to lay down her passion for flowers of the past. What I loved was seeing flowers that are no longer available at the market. It really has given me a few ideas for our garden here at home. I grow to visually look and at times I’ll pick but I just love
watching them grow.

I have one little tip worth sharing, when you are harvesting, make it very early in the morning or late at night and ensure that any foliage that will be beneath the water is completely stripped away. This is what cause the bacteria and what reduces the life of the flower. Also, the flowers need a nice long drink before being used.

Those I used in my design really did need a good day of quiet drinking to refresh them, so if mine looked a bit droopy, they didn’t have the long leisurely quenching drink. However, by the next day, they stood proud and resplendent.

I used a shallow round dish which I decoupage many months ago: https://youtu.be/lRBRMKNffHc?si=WOoxss1XIgqK1e1S
The reason I selected it was because of the colour knowing that the mixed blue berries would look amazing with the light green hydrangea, leaves and a few zinnias.

Additionally, this type of designing is my favourite. The berries not only give interest, but they act as a support for the other flowers. As the Zinnia die off, these can be removed and the hydrangeas at this time of the year, just keep on giving long after the season has passed.

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