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See - in which we went behind the garden gate to an inner-city suburban garden or urban floral garden. I love that the owner Marisa was able to work herself through the difficulties caused by Covid and turn her life to one in which she could nourish her floral side.

This design has been created to help one of my wee brides who wants garden flowers with a French twist to grace her wedding tables. Once I would have said, YES not a problem, but now my approach is – let me help you create your own. 99% leap at the opportunity.

Once we’ve sorted containers or vessels, should they need to be crafted, I set the girls up and off they go. Such fun and never a dull moment watching girls that have never attempted anything crafty, achieve amazing feats and overcoming the fears of – I’m just not artistic!

I also used my Kenzan ring to achieve that summer garden relaxed and informal designs the wee bride desired.

Tip – when using garden flowers make sure you harvest the flowers first thing in the morning or last thing at night when the heat of the day has gone or the sun isn’t too high. Pick the flowers, slant cut stem ends, remove all foliage that will beneath the water. This caused bacteria and reduces the life of the blooms. Ensure that the flowers and foliage have a good long deep drink before using.

Those I used were picked and rushed home to my studio, with insufficient time for a quenching drink, thus the droopiness, but come the next day they look amazing.

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