Mixed textural foliage into a white jug - and an idea for easter!

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Cheryl has asked if I could start sharing how to make smaller designs, especially those with mixed textural foliage and a few blooms. Well, Cheryl you are one of many. TBH, the Engineer in my life often asks the same. Evidentially some of my designs are too big and he feels the flower dominant the rooms. Even if he is right, I love a big blousy display – in any room. After all, I love flowers.

This design would be gorgeous on a counter top, a kitchen bench or coffee table.

Things to gather:
- I used a medium sized white jug as my container, but a tin bucket or rustic urn could be used.

Just what ever foliage you have will work, but I used –
- 2 pieces of spiral gum,
- 2 pieces of seed gum pod eucalyptus,
- 2 pieces of Leucadendron cone foliage,
- 2 gum-nut pods
- 2 pretty white hellebores or winter roses – I call that my touch of spring.

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