An EASY White King Protea Floristry Design

Channels / Spring Flowers

Click here to see my visit to Mangrove Creek Flower Farm:
This design is all about incorporating small dainty classic spring flowers with blooms that border on the ‘hunky-chunky’ or should I say LARGE flower – in this case big heavy king protea.

When we visited Mangrove Creek Farm, I saw these divine blooms growing and was interested to hear that although it is commonly referred to as ‘white king’ protea, its proper name is ‘Arctic Ice’ and was breed and patented to a grower here in NZ. Now it is a global hit in the flower world.

Things to gather:
- Small glass vase
- 1 large white king protea
- Several pieces each of flannel flower or Phylica, pittosporum, Teatree or manuka,
- Pieris blooms

Thank you to Vania and Darryl at Mangrove Creek farm for your time is sharing what’s involved in growing these magnificent blooms! You can find Mangrove Creek at

Also thankyou to New Zealand Bloom. They ship the blooms from here in NZ to a market near you.

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