How to make Bay Leaf Soaps, and package them in homemade envelopes

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A simple DIY method for how to make bay leaves soaps, which I then keep in envelopes for emergencies, or to gift to friends! This recipe uses pour and melt glycerine soap base. You can watch my previous video on the punch board here:

I was trying to think of something really handy I could make as gifts for my friends who might get caught short when they are out and about when there is no soap or hand sanitiser. I’m not sure what things are like in your area of the world but there is a shortage of almost anything to do with sanitation. The last time I made these leaves I used skeleton or vein leaves, but knowing it’s a bit hard to get out and go hunting for such things I was delighted to discover after a bit of research that most of my friends had bay leaves either in the garden or cupboard. Perfect I thought, if that is the case, then you might also have access to them.

They are fun to make and pretty handy to carry around and as my husband shared a few days ago, although not at all fussed about carrying a packet of my home-made soap leaves, seems they came in really handy, when he was caught short.

You will need –
- Glycerine pour and melt soap base – cut into small cubes and placed into a jug over a pan of boiling water
- A couple of good handfuls of fresh or dried Bay leaves
- Baking paper to place bay leaves once coated until soap sets
- Essential oils if desired, but I discovered that the heat of the soap base caused the leaves to give off their own fragrance.

- Melt soap over pan of boiling water
- Line a tray with baking paper
- Once soap has melted simply dip to coat leaf on both sides.
- Gently place on baking paper and allow to dry for an hour or so before storing into handmade envelope.

When it came to presentation, I used my ‘We R’ Envelope Punch Board, along with a few sheets of printed stock card. This is the Envelope Punch Board that I have:
Watch my previous video on the punch board here:

The size of the envelopes made were from card measuring:-
For small:
- 5”x 5” or 13cm x 13cm
- 1st punch and score @ 2

For larger:
- 6 ½” x 6 ½” or 16.5cm x 16.5cm
- 1st punch and score @ 2 5/8th

Use a sticky label to close down or Velcro dots.
Happy crafting!

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