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The title might sound odd, but I’ve had so many requests asking if I could help solve the issues surrounding these two colours! Before moving on, let me explain:
Red is a primary colour and need diffusing both actually and visually. And to do this simply, all you need to remember is small medium and large forms along side light medium and dark tones in the same colourway - ie; shades tones and tints of the primary color.

Monochromatic colour refers to a color scheme that is comprised of variations of one colour. You can use any color to create a monochromatic color scheme. For example, adding white to red creates pink, adding black to red creates maroon, etc. Then, you could have a monochromatic colour scheme of pink, red, and maroon.

White is an interesting colour which really isn’t a colour it’s achromatic -
An achromatic colour scheme is one that possesses no hue, made up of only black, white and grey while a monochromatic colour scheme uses varying shades of a single hue, such as blue.

What is the difference between monochromatic and achromatic?
The difference between monochromatic and achromatic is that monochromatic uses colours from the colour wheel, and achromatic does not use colour. Instead, it uses black, grey and white.

I hope that all helps, but once you get the basic rules established, this will help when using any of the primary colours in any designing. Reds with whites need to be blended together and the more textures shapes and
sized materials used with them the better!

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