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Many years ago, I shared
and then I started getting requests asking if this same method could be used to embellish the exterior of glass vases. What has been happening here at Astar's Place? Much research and a
load of development - and finally I can share what I discovered!

Method one:
The end result gives a very soft frosted effect, but its all a bit fiddly because you have to ‘flip’ the image when you photocopy, other wise it will transfer across the wrong way or back to front.

Once finished and to cover or hide any paper that might still be visually present, mist with several light coats of clear vanish and they simply disappear.

Method Two: decoupaging an image onto glass.
Tip – once the image has completely dried, hit the exterior surface with
a couple of fine misty coats of clear vanish.

Method three: clear adhesive label sheets.
I used 'Herma' brand sheets, but I'm sure there will be many. I am so happy with the results. The best part - if you get tired of the imagery, simply peel it off and repurpose – to re-theme the vase.

I discovered when photocopying image across on to either the gloss or matte clear adhesive sheets, it is IMPORTANT to let the printed paper DRY thoroughly – otherwise it will SMUDGE! To be on the safe side I left mine over night to dry.

Also, I found it was easier to hand feed each adhesive sheet into the photocopy machine.

One last thing – ensure that the surface being embellished is super super super clean and free of any dust or finger prints!

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