A White Rose & Ivy Candelabra | Wedding Table Flowers (Part 1)

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Watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/VaWNDxSASv4
I’ve had an SOS from Gloria who has a home in which she hosts wedding receptions. She saw a couple of my pod-et-fleur tutorials and thinks these a great idea and would be perfect to grace the plinths and urns that sit at either side of the entrance to the white room.

We’ve had a chat and I suggested that if she wanted something tall and elegant and visually interesting why not place tall wrought iron candelabras atop or down inside of the urns and then artificial ivy cascading down and winding up through the arms of the candelabra, along with a few other plants and the design finished off with wedding white/cream roses or hydrangeas.

The great thing about the pod-et-fleur concept is that once the basic structure is in place the designs can be stand alone and left or should fresh flowers be desired, then it’s just a matter of popping these in at the last minute.

It's a perfect solution and also an excellent idea for those of you who desire something a bit special gracing a dining table, side board or entrance way as the Victorians once did.

Gloria has tried to bring everything together, but it just doesn’t look right, so today is all about assisting a flower designer out.

You will need:
- Urn
- Candelabra
- Either foam to fill cavity of urn or chicken mess. Remember this is only used to help keep everything in place.
- Ivy - small plants either fresh or artificial. I’d go for artificial if the structure is to be used again and again
- Roses
- Hydrangea
- Whatever fresh seasonal cut flowers & foliage you desire!

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