Valentines Day Floristry Design: Roses, Ivy and Baby Tears in a Wired Dome

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How to make a Roses, Ivy and Baby Tears inside a covered wire dome arrangement for Valentine’s Day. I love this very cute woodland vintage inspired design.

Things to gather:
- Round disc of green wet foam marginally smaller than base of cloche.
- Baby tears plant or sheet along with small ivy plant with at least one good length (say 8”) of trail.
- Small metal heart in a colour way to suit. I used green and red.
- 2 red roses either fresh or artificial.
- Little natural birds nest.

Place foam down into base of container.
Cover with baby tears.
Plant up ivy, then position heart and use ivy to wind around heart. Fix in place with tiny piece of wire.
Position birds nest and any other embellishments to rest on plants.
Cover with wire dome mist with water to extend life.

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