Pot-et-fleur Floral Design | Anthuriums and Foliage into a Vintage Ice-bucket

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Pot-et-fleur floral designs were once highly prized by the Victorians who created large tiered displays of fresh house plants and seasonal flowers. These could be found gracing dining tables, side boards or entrance ways. There was no holding back when it came to the combinations of forms incorporated to create that rich lavish opulent look. I love the look and think it’s high time it returned back into floral vogue.

There are no hard and fast rules because pretty much anything goes and thanks to the wonderful selection of artificial botanical available on the market, once the basic structure is in place, the design can be changed up and used again and again, swapping this for that, popping in a few fresh for artificial etc, for a new look. Now that’s pretty impressive and what I call minimal effort for maximum visual appeal.

Things together:
- I used a vintage silver ice bucket as my container, but an urn or suitable sized container to hold whatever botanicals desired.
- I used 3 x small potted living anthuriums, but cymbidium or moth orchid would work well if you are after something more tropical, which was my inspiring vibe.
- Artificial vines/garlands desired. I used the artificial because I couldn’t find fresh tropical greens that would work in with the anthuriums.

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