Sewing Tutorial: How to sew a simple Cushion and Duvet Cover (Part 1)

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Watch Part 2 on how to finish the cushion and duvet cover here:

This is for all of you following along on the sewing classes. So far, we have made, a book bag, a makeup bag and brush roll, turned two table mats into a carry bag, turned a fabric door mat into a sturdy shoulder bag… the list goes on!

This time I want to share how super easy it is to make a cushion and a matching duvet cover. The thing is, the method used to create a duvet cover, is exactly the same principles involved in making the cushion, except, one is bigger than the other. Once you have this concept firmly laid down, the sewing sky will be ‘how to’ heaven and anything will be possible. Who said size didn’t matter?

Anyway, it all very easy and you will be so pleased with your achievements.

Things to gather:
Sewing machine:
Sewing scissors:
Tape measure:
Matching thread/cotton:
Cushion inner in size to suit:
Or duvet inner in size to suit:

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Happy stitching everyone!

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