Romancing the ROSES! A pillow of roses resting on a pillar of roses

Channels / Urns, Bases and Containers for floristry designs

This is a fabulous quick and easy display with loads of design potential for many occasions and events. White roses resting on top of a rose encrusted container!

It might sound like a visual overload, but once completed it reigns supremely with an air of sophisticated elegance. I’ve used a selection of artificial white roses and a few ivy trails to create movement and balance. The design works equally well with fresh botanicals.

As an aside, the best colour for night entertaining or decorating is white because it attracts and aids in highlighting or bring light to a room. Blues, purples and reds on the other hand, have a tendency to recede and disappear into the night light. I say why bother creating an amazing design for it not to be seen!

If you are new to the world of floral design, don’t be afraid because it's not hard. If you are stuck or unsure, just keep to one family of flowers. Today’s design is so super simple, yet on first sight give the illusion of grandeur. It looks like a lot of work but really the hardest part is gathering the elements and components necessary.

Things to gather:
- I used a selection of white roses from Prestige Botanicals. The amount needed will be determined by the size of your container. I used 6 large full white roses, 5 budded white roses, 5 white spray roses.
- 1 x ivy plant. I gently pulled the tendrils from the base so that these could be placed individually to cascade down the sides of the container.
- Base inner glass vase 14” high x 6” across
- Sheet of white rose, peony & hydrangea floral grid – these can be found on Amazon. Mine measures 18” x 25”
- Cable ties to fix and attach floral grid to exterior of vase.

Tip – The grids can be cut to a size desired or joined together to create something even larger!

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