Floristry Design Tutorial: Orange Gloriosa Lilies with Baby Tears

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Today I have a Japanese-inspired floral design, using orange Gloriosa lilies with baby tears into a green ceramic dish. They're also known as gloriosa Rothchildisana flame lilies, or fire lilies.

During my Ikebana class I was asked to do a quick demonstration using 2 forms. I was given a green ceramic square dish, baby tears and 5 stems of Gloriosa lilies. The Class Master loved it for its simplicity and for allowing the flowers to be placed as if naturally occurring. Thank goodness I was concentrating when told, “one must allow the natural beauty to always show”.

You will need:
- A square ceramic dish in a colour way to suit. I used green because it gives balance and rest plus the leaves and baby tears tie back into the container.
- 5 or so stems or gloriosa lilies
- 5 or so bamboo sticks for support
- Soil to plant – living baby tear into container dish

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