A Halloween Table Design | Skeletons, Fairy Lights and a few SPOOKY Gatherings!

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I shared how to create these wonderful mushroom tea lights, some time ago: https://youtu.be/gOqdLJzBX-Y
At the time of conception my thoughts were to have a base structure that I could use for many occasions. It’s been a stand-alone piece at my entrance, our Christmas table & banquet table, in fact just about most celebrations here at this house. With Halloween not that far off I’m super pleased to have it on hand because today I want to show how easily it can scream spooky Halloween.

Things to gather:
- My base was an old tree base, but a long woody log would work equally wall.
- Now it’s just a matter of gathering the things that say – Halloween, skeletons, skulls, eyeballs, spiders to name but a few.

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