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Gilding is a decorative technique which consists of applying a very thin sheet of gold or other metal leaf to a surface. I thought that because we were starting a new series on designs of a long-lost era - Flemish, Edwardian & Victorian - it would be a great time to share how to apply gold leaf to surfaces – namely urns & vases.

Gliding can be applied to most surfaces and it's not difficult, just a bit fiddly and time consuming but the end results give any object a lush opulence. My thoughts are that because it was such a rich opulent time, then the container should reflect this time.

Things to gather:
- Container or surface to be dusted or highlighted with gold, silver, or bronze leaf
- Gold, silver, bronze leaf
- You will need gold leaf size – this is a special almost tacky glue that has been developed specifically to aid the leaf adhering to the surface being gilded.
- Bristle brushes

The secret to success is to ensure that the surface being gilded is clean!

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