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By request, here it is: the long-waited tutorial on designing with cool tonal greys and white!
I’ve talked about monochromatic and achromatic colour-ways and as promised here is a quick look at how to work with not black and not white but that magical colour in between called cool grey. I shouldn’t really say cool, because just by adding in a bit of warmth the grey can actually offer up a bit of warmth, but I’ll save that for another day!

Today I’m demonstrating with a crisp white container and to add a bit more visual interest, it helps to bring the grey black onto the surface of the container. To do this I usually apply a ‘rub and transfer’ label. Because the end result will be vintage, I have themed this via the selected motif.

Now we come to the best part – selecting the foliage’s and flowers to work with.
I’m using a combination of grey eucalyptus, pussy willow, lambs’ ear, but there are many more to choose from… & then the following blooms: White dried daisies which fortunately have brackish centres along with brackish lotus pods and because I love them, a few dried off sunflowers that bring in a touch of colour.

This tutorial is more about tonal values thus the blooms dried off blooms and not the crisp vibrancy offered up by fresh living flowers, which I cover in a later video.

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