'Fragrance of Spring' – a recipe for a Boronia & Rose perfume blend!

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I love the smell of early flowering spring Boronia so much that I wanted to keep the fragrance lingering long after it had gone! It has taken a big of digging but I managed to find essential oil of Boronia and on its own very pleasant but I just felt it needed a bit of harmonising balance, thus the additional of rose and my other favourite – Sandalwood essential. End results – blissfully spring with a touch of mid-summer warmth and depth.

To create your own, you will need to add to a small roller bottle –
- 20 mls of either jojoba or sweet almond oil
- 2 to 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil
- 12 drops of rose essential oil
- 12 drops of boronia essential oil
- Mix to blend then leave at least a month before applying

Wear and enjoy!

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