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Aren’t the latest design trends of combining fresh, dried and silk flowers amazing? To be honest, it’s not really NEW because I remember this look from years ago. The trend-setter of this floral look, actually belongs to Constance Spry. In the 40 & 50’s she was the one who said ‘the difference between a weed and a flower is merely a matter of opinion’. She also could not understand why foliage’s, grasses, seed heads, nuts and berries found in/on the hedgerow or side of the road couldn’t be incorporated into floral designs. Textural qualities are everywhere and if you want to add visual interest to an arrangement, I say – JUST DO IT! Use whatever takes your fancy?

Things to gather:
- I used an old bark basket.
- You don’t need foam, because all forms will be placed to give the impression and illusion of being just being picked.
- Whatever dried seed heads, grasses, berries, dried flowers you can find.

From Prestige Botanicals I used:
- 3 Lavender English Rose:
- 3 Lavender Mauve English Rose:
- 1 Eucalyptus Gum:
- 2 Black raspberry:

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