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Sometimes all a table needs is a bit of green, a candle and a lot can be expressed visually. My thoughts have always been that beauty can be found in simplicity and one of my favourite foliage’s to reach for is ivy. The ivy I created for Prestige Botanicals has been based on that seen and growing in the spring. The green colouring is lush & fresh and with a bit of twisting and shaping you instantly have movement.

Additionally, it doesn’t need water and once trails have been separated, the ivy can be easily insert into the foam. No water so no need to panic about the ivy wilting – which is what happens in the spring until it hardens off.

Things to gather:
- The vase I selected for this design is possibly the most useless of vases. I love the graceful slenderness of its shape, but honestly trying to fill with fresh flowers and foliage is almost impossible. It is simply far too small; however, it works a treat for this design of just a few components – ivy trails, leaves and a pillar candle.
- Grey floral foam – big enough to fill vase cavity. I used green and although designed to hold water for fresh materials, the green is easier to visually hide.
- You will also need a stem of artificial hydrangea or something with similar leaves. These will be used to line the inside cavity of the small opening and will hide the foam.
- Hot glue gun.
- Floral tape.
- Floral snips.
- Ivy bush.
- White pillar candle. The size of your candle needs to be just big enough to fit allowing room to insert ivy.

I did a wedding for a friend last summer and all she wanted was ivy and candles. To create interest, I used several of this type of vase but in varying sizes and heights. They looked amazing running along the table & for a bit more visual appeal, I sprinkled large single ivy leaves along with sprigs of olive which I lay on the table surface.

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