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See - in which we went behind the garden gate to an inner-city suburban garden or urban floral garden. I loved seeing what owner Maria Vodanovich has created in just over a 2-year journey. It really is a labour of dedicated love!

What I really love about designing at this time of the year is that you really don’t need to apply too much effort. The colours of the flowers tell the story and you really don’t need much of anything and the design should be little miniature gardens that landed inside.

Anything goes and that also applies to the container.

Tips and tricks when working with freshly picked garden flowers:
1. Pick blooms and foliage first thing in the morning when the sun isn’t too hot or last thing in the day.
2. Remove all foliage that will be beneath the water line. This foliage causes bacterial and reduces the life time of the flowers.
3. Slant cut all stems.
4. Give flowers/foliage’s a good long drink in a cool place until the gather strength and lift their little heads. Those I used were picked and rushed home to the studio and I felt very sorry that they didn’t receive the conditioning they required.
5. Once your design is finished ensure the flowers are misted with water
frequently. Not only do the flowers take water up their stems, they almost
ingest via their petals!

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