Pot-et-fleur floral designing: Combining Spring Bulbs with Artificial Flowers

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Today I'm having a go at Pot-et-fleur floral designing - or the art of combining cut flowers, foliage and plants to create indoor displays. This style of designing goes back to Victorian times when tiered centre-pieces, would be filled with potted house plants, seasonal cut flowers and even fresh fruit to grace dining tables, sideboards and entrance halls.

I want to bring these designs back into vogue because not only are the visually pleasant to look at, they are also practical and very economical. Once the basic structure is in place the design can be used again and again for years to come.

And thanks to the exquisite array of artificial plants and flowers now available on the market, these too can be incorporated in amongst the fresh botanicals to create ever changing displays. There are no rules and pretty much anything goes and that’s exactly why I love a pot-et-fleur floral design!

Which brings me back on track and what I want to share today. Instead of fresh plants, I’m going to use spring bulbs and to visually enhance that EMPTY POT, while I patiently wait for spring, I’m going to top that empty pot with artificial spring flowers. Visually more enhancing than empty-nothing on my terraces. When spring comes, I can either remove the artificial or leave them be and bring the whole display indoors to enjoy.

Tip – when using artificial foliage’s/flowers outdoors, as I’ve discovered, if they are not in direct sun or harsh climate & undercover, they will last. Full sun and they will not only fade, but the glue holding them together makes them deteriorate.

Things to gather:
- Container of your choice – I used a decoupaged terracotta pot. Just adds a bit more colour to the terraces. To ensure it lasts, I’ve also applied several coats of exterior vanish.
- Potting soil or bulb mix. I used mixed daffodils, hyacinths, tulips.
- Artificial spring flowers/foliage.

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