How to make a Christmas Wreath of Red Roses and Berries

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Why do I love wreaths? Well, a wreath is not just a wreath to me, it’s a base that comes in very hand for all types of designing. My thought process towards decorating this Christmas is to create designs that can be carried over into other celebrations. I’ve chosen RED ROSES as my feature flowers because they never fail too visually please and to be honest, I can’t think of an occasion where they would be out of place or wouldn’t suit!

This wreath would look amazing on the front door for the Holidays and then as new year arrives, removed and used as the base of a centre piece or to reside on a coffee table. The wreath base I’m using is one that I’ve had for years and I was thrilled to discover that like the pin-holder or frogs, they are all coming back into vogue.

So easy to make and this is what you’ll need to gather:
- Wire wreath frame in a size to suit. If you can’t find one, a birch or cane would work equally well. I just like the lightness of the wreath because it gives an airy light look once finished.
- Artificial rose garland.
- 6 or so standard or mixed sized roses.
- Clusters of berries to tie in with the coloured roses you desire. I’ve gone for the red with red.
- Fairy Lights.
- Wire to fix all materials together.

To take your wreath to another level and turn it into a table display, you will need:
- A large shallow glass dish or vase.
- Glass candelabra, candles, and a few fresh white roses, hydrangea or agapanthus.

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