Flowers for a Man: Red King Protea and Calla Lilies

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I’ve had a request from Denis asking if I could suggest an easy design for his Dad who unfortunately is now bed ridden. Denis tells me his dad loves protea and calla lilies, and his favourite colour is red. He liked the look of the protea and calla I have at Prestige Botanicals and did I have a super easy way of displaying them – that wouldn’t tax a man who has never put a flower into a vase in his life! Love it Denis and yes, I can help on all fronts…

These are the flowers:
- 2 Red King Protea:
- 5 red burgundy calla:
- 1 stem of hydrangea leaf:
- Optional – a couple of pieces of twisty willow

Denis shared an image of the vase his father bought his mum years ago and that is all he has. Mine isn’t the same Denis but it is the same dimension/size.

Happy designing! Astar

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