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For the second Sewing for Beginners video, I'll go through how to make a draw string make-up bag, which is especially great for travelling. Once finished it is not only water proof and strong, it’s also very light and doesn’t take up too much room in your luggage bag. You will see what I mean once finished!

This is a really easy sewing tutorial for beginners. Once you get into the swing of sewing, these make for excellent gifts.

You will need:
Fabric covered plastic table clothing or similar. I just happened to have an old one lying around – less than a yard/metre plus from this you will also be able to make a make-up brush roll.
Measuring tape, pencil, pins, scissors, matching thread, sewing machine, cord for drawstrings + small safety pin, two little wide-eyed pearls/ buttons, self-sticking Velcro dots or tape for fastening.

On the wrong side or reverse side of fabric, mark the exact middle of circle.

From and then cut a circle from the fabric around about 23” (59cm) diameter – or to a desired size. Size will depend on amount of makeup you will be travelling with. I have to kept
mine to a minimum so this was the perfect size for me. I made several, one is for makeup and the other for cleanser/toner/moisturizer etc.

With backing facing you, or what is called the wrong side of the fabric, turn over just under an inch to form a casing. Once pinned, stitch around, removing pins as you approach them, leaving an opening of around 1”.

To make closing tab cut a piece of fabric – 26” (66cm) long and 7” (18cm) wide.
With rights sides of fabric facing each other, pin all sides together leaving a 2” opening along the longest side.

Clip corners of corners then pull right sides through opening.
Use a knitting needle or similar to push out ends.
Once finished, fold fabric in half longwise to find the exact middle. Mark.
You don’t need to worry about the closing or stitching the small opening where you bagged out or turned fabric to right sides, because this will be stitched closed with the next step which is placing into the middle of the circle.

Turn circle so that the right sides are facing you.
Transfer the inner middle mark to top of circle.
Place the exact middle of the closing tap or long strip of fabric, down on top the middle of the circle. Pin, then stitch along 2 inches then across and along the other sides to fix firmly in place. This give extra base strength.

Fix firmly, the cord or tape to the safety pin, then close pin and insert and thread through casing opening, drawing it up as you go.
Fix a small pearl to each end of cord or thread, and knot to fix in place.
Draw up draw strings. There will be an opening circle of about 2 or so inches once drawn in.
Bring long side tabs up and across opening. Place Velcro dots or tape to hold in place.

In the following video, I’ll demonstrate how to make the makeup brush roll which when finished will further close the above opening.

Happy stitching and sewing!

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