How to make a reed room diffuser

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This floral fragrant room diffuser really works. There are a lot of DIY recipes out there and I think I have tested the lot and my conclusion - most don’t work. After thorough research and investigation, the solution is easy – JUST BUY THE DIFFUSER BASE.
Most contain two products – Ethanol and DPG which is a carrier oil that dilutes the strength of essential or fragrant oil and helps them slowly disperse their smell. Most if not, all have been scientifically and accurately formulated to WORK.

Here’s a wee guide to help establish the right ratio of base to essential or fragrant oil blends/mix -
100ml base to 20 to 25ml fragrant oil
250ml base to 50 -60 ml fragrant oil
500ml base to 100 to 120 ml fragrant oil

Things to gather –
A narrow-necked glass jar
Reed sticks
Fragrant oils
Diffuser base

Tip: if you have a display of faux flowers and you really want to trick people into thinking they are real, a floral blended fragrance room diffuser works wonders. Just place near your display.

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