Another idea for using a Kenzan for Floral Designs (Idea #2!)

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See my first Kenzan video here:
Today I'm taking another look at the #kenzan ring today - I adore them for #floraldesign! The Kenzan I'm using today is from Hanataba, and can be found on their website and for lots of inspiration check out their Instagram @hanataboriginal

The Kenzan is a Japanese invention that has been around for centuries, and is widely used worldwide today. It allows you to precisely position flower/foliage wherever you desire while keeping them securely in place. GLUE BE GONE, because these are super weighty and do NOT tip or fall over. Solid as a rock. This versatility enables the creation of a wide range of arrangements from simple to intricate works of art.

What I really love is that you don’t need to use big bowls or urns etc, when creating tallish designs because once your design is completed, it can be placed into shallow sided dishes, especially footed glass urns.

The ring is attractive and does not visually impinge on the finished display.

This is how easy it is – simply follow the shape of the ring and arrange your favourite flowers accordingly. Then gently place the ring into a beautiful bowl and fill it with water, ensuring that it reached approximately 1 to 2cm above the metal pins.

Have fun!

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