Flowers in a Moment: 'Gentle Breeze' Roses, peony, hydrangea & berries

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When I created this design, I wanted to capture late summer and early fall when the colours are still ripe, but that gently breeze heralds that soon the days will be short and the light will fade. I love how the roses linger when really, they should be gone because it’s the hips turn to reign along with the holly berries. Inter-seasonal changes are nature’s way of saying, you can have both but only for a short time.

You will need:
- Best vase 12”
- 1 x large red rose:
- 2 Red English rose:
- 3 White Pink Tipped Peony:
- 3 Green Holly:

- 1 double headed green hydrangea (I cut & removed 10” of stem):
- 2 green hydrangea:
- 2 x black Montana rose hip:
- 2 x olive (I cut & removed 5” from bottom of stems):

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