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It’s the time again! Christmas and family times and I just love it. I only hope that this year, there can be a bit more thought put into peace & love globally.

I was going to go the traditional route this year with my decorating ideas and then thought WHY DON’T I CREATE DESIGNS that could be used for more than one event? On the channel there are many ways to make wreaths, table flowers, Christmas decorations etc, but I haven’t done much with garlands. Super easy to create and you really don’t need much to visually say a lot.

The first in this year’s line-up is a really pretty, mixed media garland of roses, hydrangeas, ivy & berries & to bring a touch of light and sparkle, gorgeous jewelled fairy or twinkle lights & for visual interest, clear glass or plastic baubles filled with dried floral potpourri.

Things to gather –
- Piece of doweling or wooden railing in a length to suit.
- Screw in hooks & eyes.
- Staple gun or cable ties.
- Rope, chain or fishing line to hang garland once completed.
- Ivy trails, rose garlands, berries, hydrangeas, battery power twinkly fairy lights, floral petal potpourri to fill the glass or plastic baubles.

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