'Frosty Fall' Elongated Table Flowers into a Paint-finished Trough

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If bright orange pumpkins and the warmth of fall isn’t to your liking, then you might like this design. I’ve called it frost fall because I’ve used cool cedar swigs of foliage with dried off flannel or phylica flower, a few dusty looking very past their prime pumpkins, then a few large misty white pumpkins with winter white berries.

Come Christmas this year, I’ll probably add in a bit of holly and perhaps some white lilies and if all goes to plan, frosted baubles. Fingers crossed my latest greatest idea works so that I can share closer to the holidays.

Things to gather:
- I used a very rough white chalk paint on the exterior. I didn’t make it perfect because to me, the fall has a rustic air and feel.
- Cedar or spruce as the base foliage, either fresh or artificial.
- Several stems of flannel flower or phylica. If you can’t find flannel flower, gum nuts would look wonderful as a bit of textural interest.
- Green & white pumpkins.

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