How to Make an Easter Themed Terrarium

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This is a very simple but interesting concept to either create with children or use on your Easter dinner table.

Things to gather:
- Decent sized glass container with lid:
- Easter themed embellishments: – baby bunnies, birds nest, eggs etc
- Soil/sand.
- Little baby plants, moss, flowering bulbs, grasses etc

What I love about terrariums is that anything goes. It’s about your imagination and then placing materials to suit. Like a captured moment in time!

Usually for something like this I would use charcoal at the base, which keeps everything growing nice and sweet, followed by soil. Plants planted up then covered with bark, wood chips and moss, then finished off with little Easter gatherings to make the picture complete.

Today, I’ve short-cut the method – after all Easter is only for a short time… simply place soil, plant up and create!

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