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This is a request that has come in from Maria. Her mum is in care and it’s always a shame that the flowers don’t last long. Maria I can almost guarantee that the room is too warm. Care facilities, especially those in which the residents don’t move around much, need to be kept at a constant warm temperature and fresh flowers do not like the heat. Additionally, Maria’s mum also loves the colours of spring, especially pink peonies, blossom, forsythia, hellebores & snowballs, but to complicate matters, adores orange. Maria tells me that she has gone about the design from many angles and cannot make the design look right.

Well, Maria you are not the only one. I have found all the flowers your mum loves along with a possible alternative to the glass vase currently used to display the flowers!

First up, ditch the glass vase or paint it. The vase I’m using started out glass and with a lick of white paint tinted ever so slightly with magenta red, you’ll achieve the best pink to suit the pink blooms of spring you mum adores.

Tip – apply a water coat first and allow it to dry overnight and then repeat the process using full strength paint. You might possibly need 3 coats in total.

Secondly, by the time this is released, spring will still be present, but summer will not be far away.
My tip is to hold back on the orange dahlias or chrysanthemums, and when the sun says hello it’s summer, add them into the design then.

You could also incorporate red roses, and possibly anything else that your mum loves, but perhaps eliminate a few of the spring flowers.

I hope this helps you Maria along with any others trying to establish colour balance!

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